Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download the wallet for Ember?

Answer :

Q:Where can I buy Ember?

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Q: How do I install the Ember wallet?

Answer : Extract the zip folder you will now see the – Ember-qt file Move this program to a safe place i.e C:\MyWallets\Ember Right click ember wallet icon and select send to, then create shortcut on desktop. Double Click on Ember-qt shortcut and run program This will then create files in your AppData folder. Then follow the #deleted-channel guide to add the supplied peers.dat file After this the wallet should sync, which will take some time.

Q: Should I encrypt my wallet?

Answer : I always like to encrypt my wallet for security reasons, but if you do this, please make sure you create a strong secure password and don’t forget it! Write it down, store it somewhere safe such as Encryptr password manager – You will also need to make sure the wallet is unlocked for staking your Ember coins or you will not receive any rewards.

Q: Should I send all the coins I bought on the exchanges to my wallet?

Answer: No I would not recommend sending them all at once. I would send a few coins first to make sure that they arrive where they are supposed to, you can then send bigger amounts.

Q: How long do I have to leave my coins in the wallet to mature?

Answer: This usually takes around 10 hours.

Q: How long does it take to receive my first reward from staking?

Answer: Based on current difficulty it could takes days or weeks depending on how much EMB you have.

Q: Do I need to have my wallet open 24/7 to receive rewards?

Answer: Yes you do. This will of course, use electricity and take it’s toll on your computer/device.

Q: What is the reward given based upon?

Answer: It’s based on 1.) the amount you are staking, and 2) the network weight (which is the total amount being staked by everybody)

Q: Is there an alternative to having my computer on all the time?

Answer: Yes, used a cloud based server. Amazon currently offer this for free for the first year.

Q: Is there a Rich List out there?


Q : Is my wallet safe on a VPS server? Should I back it up?

Answer: Always make regular backups of your wallet.dat file found in appdata folder to external storage such as a USB flash drive or a cloud based storage service, such as Google Drive, make sure you have a secure password on your Google/Cloud based storage.

Q: How do I find out the price of Ember on the Discord group?

Answer: Type – *EMB

Q: Can I Install it on Apple mac?

Answer: At the moment we only have a Windows wallet, but we will soon have wallet’s across various platforms. If you want to install the Windows wallet on mac you will need to install an application called ‘Wine’ see how to install it here:

Q: How do I estimate when I will get my stakes, and how much of a reward will I get?

Answer: Here’s how to estimate when you’ll get your stake. Go to and look for Stake Weight Spent. Mouse over the red line – that’s where the average weight is when a payout happens. Your weight starts at your coin value and goes up as the coins age. This ensures you will get your stake eventually. The coins you get from staking is the same percentage, regardless of how many coins you have. It’s 7200% per year return, which means, 19.7% per day. So, if you have 1,000,000 coins, you will “earn” 197,000 coins per day. If it takes 2 days for the stake to be rewarded, you’ll get your per-day amount times 2, so 394,000 coins. Since the current stake weight is more like 9 million, it might take you 9 days to get your stake reward from 1,000,000 coins. In this case, your stake reward after 9 days would be 2,773,000 coins.

Q: Please explain the staking bug and how it affects me?(edited)

A: If you go over 38.81 million weight, the bug kicks in due to a fault in the code where a large enough integer wasn’t used. This causes your stake to appear as negative. So you won’t get a stake reward above 38.81 because now your stake is -38.81 and counting upwards until you reach 38.81 * 2 = 77.62. Then your stake will be 0 again and rising at that point you can get a stake reward again, but it will be lower than the 7200% expected becaues of that wrapping around to a negative number thing. The ability to get rewards wraps around every 38.81 million in stake weight. 38.81 * 2 = 77.62. Between 38.81 weight and 77.62, you wouldn’t be able to stake. 38.81 * 3 = 116.43. Between 77.62 and 116.43 you would be able to stake again, but with lower rewards. It continues like that. stake weight = number of coins stake weight (coin age) = number of coins * days staking stake weight (coin age) is used to determine when you get a stake reward through a random number calculation when stake weight (coin age) gets higher than 38.81 million, that’s when the bug happens. You still have your original amount of coins, it’s just the weight got too high for the integer dealing with rewards. So you send those coins to yourself (your wallet address) to reset the process.

I took this reward as an example: So that stake input is 8,392,401. Figure out how long it takes to get to 38.81 mil weight. Divide one into the other for 4.62 days, which means in another 4.62 days the coin becomes available to stake again after the weight goes positive. So at 9.24 days the stake timer starts: total age is 11.08. 11.08 – 9.24 is 1.84 days of new staking. 1.84 days of staking at 7200% with 8,392,401 coins is about 3 million coins. Oh hey look, minted is 3,026,756. The math works.(Credit to @jt42)