New Wallet and Instructions – 15/09/2017

A new Windows wallet was released on September 15th, please visit the GitHub site to download and receive more information.


Usage Instructions:

Backup your wallet.dat

Extract the new Ember-qt.exe

Turn off the old client (See below for help)

Turn on new client

That’s it! Enjoy your stakes!

If you have problems:

1. You may be told about a “.lock” file. You will find it in %appdata%\Ember.lock Delete it and make sure the old client is not running.

2. You may be told “it’s already running” You need to make sure the old client is actually off. You may need to ctrl-shift-esc to close the process manually.


DO NOT change any files.

DO NOT delete any files.

DO NOT move wallets between their folders. It’s the same folder.

What You Want to Know:

Your staking WILL NOT CHANGE.

Your money is safe where it is, you don’t need to move it.

Your address won’t change either.

You will just notice improvements in the networking and the connections for everybody. And slight fixes here and there.


New splash with easier to see font.

UI text changes. (Monospaced, Formatted pleasantly, 0 padding.)

P2P bootstrapping and load balancing

IRC address sharing

DNS Seed nodes

Ignoring addnodes in Ember.conf that are detrimental to network health yet necessary to get started. No longer.

Network Improvements. (Much faster without getting flooded or saturating connections.)

Network Bugfixes (No errant sockets that you didn’t handle properly, one single recv() code path.)

One Button Press Updater implemented. (Currently blocked by Qt 4.8 network mishandling and nginx bug.)

Backend versioning scheme laid out.

Gradual downward sloping of reduction in payouts. Begins Nov. 1st at 0:00 UTC til 3 days later when the rate will be 720%.