EmberCoin Staking – Bug Information Update

The renaissance of Ember Coin (Ticker EMB) in the last 7 weeks has been a sight to behold. A long forgotten (in Crypto time) and abandoned coin and blockchain, Ember has united and engaged a growing crypto community. Spontaneously, and without planning.

Various individuals contributed their unique talents and abilities without hesitation. Everyone helped pick up the pieces, and got the network strong. All from various places around the world.

The original creator of EmberCoin remains elusive, and unwilling to help or join back the coin he created.

So, a fantastic community has arisen around this “little coin that could”.

A blockchain and technical roadmap for the future has been announced. Features such as Masternodes, Remote Staking, and Surrogate coins (never loose coins to an exchange again!) were among the next level features for EMB. From an abandoned coin to *that* in the span of a few weeks is nothing short of a miracle.

But there have been bumps along the way. Wallet setup issues galore. Active development resumed once again, addressing the most vital problem of discovery, among other items. Our amazing developer making sense of a poorly written wallet, with substantial errors that have been a part of EMB since the start.

Some of these errors have come to be known as the “staking bug”. This bug was never created by the current Ember team and developers. The proof is in the source code of our repository, and that of the original creator.

But equally important to note is that this bug is commonly found in other POS coins. Allow us to show you.

All the above pictures show other Proof Of Stake coins such as EMB, directly from their respective blockchain explorers. The red lines show the announced and programmed annual stake rate. Every grey dot represents a block that diverges from that rate. There are a lot of dots in those coins. People not getting their promised stake rate. It’s the same issue that Ember has right now, and has always had.

We have acknowledged this error, and have committed ourselves to resolving it.

We’ve even created a workaround for this issue, with a brilliantly produced staking calculator, that helps avoid the issue until a tested, secure, and reliable fix is ready to go. Which is absolutely EMB Team’s #1 goal right now.

Ember Coin Stake Weight Calculator

I hope this has gone some way towards getting our side of the story out there. We didn’t do it, man. And we’re trying to fix it ASAP. And there’s a workaround. And a lot of other coins have the same issue. And we’re fixing ours.

EMB builds, fixes, and grows. On it’s way to becoming the currency of the internet. No joke. Peace.