Buy Ember Coin on Cryptopia

How to buy EMB and stake like a Pro – Part 1

So, you’ve decided to join the hottest Coin in crypto! Welcome aboard. Here we go over how to purchase Ember Coin EMB on one of the best exchanges on the planet, Cryptopia.

Fire up your favorite browser, and head on over to Cryptopia

Cryptopia Main


From there, we will register an account. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. Log in if you already have an account there.


Cryptopia registration


You will want to now deposit some Bitcoin BTC into your account, so you can buy your first amount of EMB.

Direct your cursor over the Bitcoin “B” symbol in the upper right hand corner, and select the “Wallets” drop down menu.

There you can search for your Bitcoin wallet, by typing in “BTC” in the search box, and then finding the Bitcoin(BTC) listing, and clicking on “Deposit BTC”

Bitcoin BTC Wallet


From there, you will be taken to your BTC Wallet address and QR code. Go ahead and scan or copy the address to your clipboard.

Now you will have to go your source of initial Bitcoins, whether it be on another exchange, such as Coinbase, or alternative wallet.

Go to that account/wallet, and select the appropriate “Deposit” option. Paste/scan in your Cryptopia BTC address.

Note, it’s probably a good idea to do a test run with whatever small amount of BTC you could stand to loose if you this incorrectly. To be double sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row…

Send it over. Give it some time, too. Never as fast as you would like.

Not a bad idea to click on the “Favorite” checkbox on the far right side of the Bitcoin listing. It will make things easier down the road to find your wallets.

Now, we’re ready to go!

Buying Some EMB

Head over to the “Exchange” icon on the upper left side, and click on the “Markets” drop down menu.

There you will taken to the main trading floor. We want to buy some EMB, so we’ll type that into the search box.

Select the EMB / BTC listing from the results.

EmberCoin EMB main page


Alright, now we can trade our BTC for some EMB. The fastest way to do this is – go over to the ‘Buy EMB” box. It will have your balance right below it. Click on the amount, which will pre-fill the total amount in the BTC column.

From there select the lowest sell order, which will pre-fill in the lowest price someone is ready to sell you EMB. It will automatically calculate the largest amount you can buy, based on the price, and amount of BTC you have.

Buy EMB Ember Coin

Click “Buy EMB”, and you should be all set!

There are, of course, other options and strategies on the EMB market floor. Buy orders, LTC or DOGE markets, and so on. This was just to get you the lowest price in the fastest time.

Welcome to the club, may fortune smile upon you.

In our next episode, we will walk you through setting up your EMB Wallet, moving over your Ember Coin to it, and beginning the staking process. Stay tuned!

BTC and EMB wallets